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Production of Friction Welder

Offers the optimum solution of friction welding for your product.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages of Friction Welding
  • Minimize energy consumption
  • Minimize harmful substances such as smoke, gas, fumes, dust, etc.
    Quality Improvement
  • High reproducibility and stable connection strength
  • Less thermal transformation yet high dimension precision
  • No pores on welded part
    Cost reduction
  • No need of electrode, solvent, or extra bevelling and processing
  • Able to connect dissimilar or nonferrous metal
  • Save costs of material, processing and forging
    Improvement of Productivity
  • Short welding time and great work efficiency
  • Easy control - minimal operator training required
  • Automatic operation is possible with the automation eqiupment attached.

Basic friction welding equipment
SF (Single Spindle)
DF (Double Spindle)

Technological data 8SF/DF 15SF/DF 30SF/DF 60SF/DF 100SF/DF 125SF/DF
Maximum forging thrust ton 8 15 30 60 100 125
Principal axis motor KW 17.5 22 37.5 55 90 112
Maximum number of rotation rpm 3,000 2,500 2,000 1,300 1,000 1,000
Welding capability (mild steel round bar) mm 4~28 8~38 20~50 25~80 45~100 50~125
Maximum welding area (mild steel round bar) mm2 600 1,100 2,000 5,000 7,850 11,500

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages of CNC Friction Welding
    Improvement of Productivity
  • Reduce non-working time by improvement of control and speed by servo motor
  • Higher operation rate from not being affected by temperature change of hydraulic oil
  • Reduce machine setting time by automated movement of stopper depending on the length of material
    Quality Improvement
  • High precision welding by a servo processing (servo motor and ball screw) of friction welding thrust
  • Improve quality problem from surrounding temperature that happens in hydraulic type
  • Easy welding of difficult products by servo processing of principal axis motor
    Cost Reduction
  • Reduced non-working time shortens the cycle time.
  • Servo motor runs only in the operation and causes high energy efficiency.
  • Smaller hydraulic tank reduces an installation space.
  • Smaller amount of CO2 emission than hydraulic type
  • Small hydraulic tank causing less waste oil and noise

Basic CNC friction welding equipment
CNC SF (Single Spindle)
CNC DF (Double Spindle)

Technological data CNC 5SF/DF CNC 8SF/DF CNC 12SF/DF CNC 22SF/DF
Maximum forging thrust ton 5 8 12 22
Phase angle accuracy Angle ±0.5°
Welding capability (mild steel round bar) mm 6~20 8~25 10~30 15~45
Maximum number of rotation rpm 3,000 2,500 2,000 2,000
Spindle stroke mm 250 300 350 400
Maximum welding area (mild steel round bar) mm2 350 500 800 1,500